Mo Mhadra Beag

I totally outdid myself with the scrunching on this layout - even the background paper is scrunched!  I love the effect it creates - it often looks like fabric instead of paper.  

I was clearing out Saoirse's wardrobe and one of my favourite dresses had a girl and dog motif and so I just HAD to cut them out and use them.  It was a wool dress and had a little hole in it so I did not feel too bad about not passing it on to someone.  I'm very sentimental and love the idea of using motifs or pieces from our childrens' outgrown clothes on layouts or quilts, etc.

I then came across this photo of Saoirse at 6 and Noodle at 6 months old and decided to put them all together and here is the completed layout.  

By the way, my children are Irish speakers and so the title is in Irish and means "my little dog".

Check out the super cool dog bone paper clips given to me by a friend Irene!  Thanks Irene, they are so very cute!


  1. Ah this is a great layout Maria. Make sure Saoirse writes a little note about her little doggie (madra) and tucks it behind the photo for when she is grown up. So cute !

  2. Gorgeous lo Maria, live your motif from the dress. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog, hope I'll get to blogland soon. S

  3. Hi dear Maria,

    Thank you very much for your lovely, detailed blog comment. I've been (for all intents) completely out of the scrapbooking world since about January of this year, due to a very hectic cross country move and the many things that have gone part and parcel with it, so I haven't had a chance to blog much (on that blog) or to create anything in months. I've missing it dearly and hope to my new craft room up and running in a few weeks, as I'm kind of going stir crazy without creating any new paper crafting projects!

    And speaking of creating, my goodness, this piece is absolutely darling! I just love it and will definitely use it as inspiration when I'm able to get back into the swing of making new projects once again.

    Thank you, too, to you and your daughter both for you sweet, caring words (awww, so happy to know she likes the flower in my hair in that photo).

    Wishing you a sunshine filled, marvelous summer!
    ♥ Jessica

  4. This is a great layout Maria! I knew you would use it! looking faaaaaab!!!!!Irene

  5. What a great idea to cut out the figures (Tríona goes hunting in children's wardrobes...)

  6. Very cute LO, innovative & inspirational. Your blog is full of creative and pretty creations. I'll pop by again.
    (Quick Silver on scrapbook.com - no blog for me.)